The search for organic leather

It was a long search and one that did not precisely deliver. First of all, the process of leather tanning – even veg tanning – is a long way from organic. So finding leather that is ‘officially’ classed and certified as organic is not so easy as one might imagine.

“Free roaming herds on unimproved pastures.”

However, I did track down a lovely farmer from Devon who happened to farm Welsh Black cattle (as a breed) and on principle cannot bear his cattle hides to go to waste. Richard has a lot of other principles, better described in his own words which you can find on his website

So he has them tanned locally and a good half of the hides are tanned using a very old process involving oak tannins. Unfortunately a full hide was beyond my budget (not that it was expensive considering the time and cost of having the hides processed at his local tannery in Devon), but I could afford a couple of bellies which are superb for shoe soles (albeit a little uneven).

And so – slippers and shoe soles will be adorned with oak tanned leather from Devon and probably sired by a bull who came from somewhere near Dolgellau.

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