Jan’s Square

A digression for this blog. Today I am sending off a square of knitting for my friend Jan Martin’s blanket. And this is a post to tell the story of both the blanket and the square. You can read the story of Jan’s blanket on her blog. In a nutshell, Jan who is a trusty of Denmark Farm and a committed environmentalist posted this a while back “So, I’m asking my friends, family and fellow permaculture apprentices to each contribute a single knitted or crocheted square measuring 15 cm (6 inches) that, in some way, represents our relationship or an aspect of permaculture design or sustainability.”

Aha – I have the perfect square already although – me being me – I am probably the last person to make a contribution. The story:

“Although it may not be as fancy as some, I will tell you its story. It was knitted from my very first (decent) spinning from the very first shearing of my darling sheep Dipsy. Knitted, then, in 2004 so somewhat older than some of your squares I imagine.

Without Dipsy and her brother Dribble, I wouldn’t have ‘discovered’ wool. Without discovering wool, I wouldn’t have ‘discovered’ felt. Without discovering felt I would have been a different person and had a very different life. And so, you see, although very plain this square is nonetheless very special to me and I am very happy that it has found a special home in your blanket.”

Funny what starts us off down a particular road in life isn’t it? As soon as I can find a picture of Dipsy and Dribble to share, I will add it to this post.

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