Butterflies and Moths

I am not alone in being fascinated by butterflies and moths. As I work largely with wool I also fear them – or at least species of moth, Tinea Pennionella the female clothes moth who in just 60 days can wreak havoc on my work environment.

I will provide more information about this particular hazard for the spinner/weaver/felter, but for now I’ll concentrate on the beautiful patterns and colours that will provide inspiration for the next year.

With the  Magic of Life butterfly house so close to my studio in Aberystwyth, I look forward to seeing some of the more exotic species in the Spring, but for my work I’ll be focussing on the myriad species of butterfly and moth that survive in Wales.

The work of Butterfly Conservation is of great value as a resource, and I hope to be able to find, identify and photograph a wide range of species on the Rhosygilwen estate to act as my hyper-local inspiration.

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