About the Project

This project has been developed to explore the decorative and functional use of Welsh farmed wool which is to be coloured and printed using plant dyes and combined with other elements in creation of objects for exhibition.

These pages provide an online diary for the project, from its initial planning through to the delivery of the exhibition in October  2014. It includes information about the production of the work, including discoveries made and techniques developed. Alongside I hope to advance my thinking about low impact living, the organic movement, butterflies and growing a dye garden!

The exhibition space –  Tŷ Solar – is the prototype for a low cost solar powered home built from Welsh grown timber. The work will be created with minimal process and is low impact from an environmental perspective: though hopefully high impact visually. Using ‘hyper-local’ materials, I will try to show the versatility and beauty of wool as a medium, and will hopefully surprise and inspire visitors to think more about our natural resources for use in daily living.


The exhibition is supported by Brenda Squires of Rhosygilwen. Brenda provides the use of Ty Solar as an exhibition space, and provides input as the client for the design and development of this work. Rhosygilwen also provides a source of plants, both purpose grown in the walled garden, and foraged from around the Estate. The estate gardener, John, has kindly agreed to tolerate my presence in the walled garden and help me to develop the dye garden for the year.

The project is part funded by the Arts Council of Wales, the Welsh Government and the National Lottery.


Eco Crafts for 21st Century Living ~ Eco Grefftau i Fyw yn yr 21ain Ganrif